WhatsApp for iPhone Gets Voice-to-Video Call Switch, New Mentions Button for Groups

WhatsApp on Monday began rolling out an update for its iPhone version. The WhatsApp update (version 2.18.22) brings features like a quick toggle that lets users switch between voice calls and video calls with a single tap and the presence of the ‘@’ mentions button in group chats. The @ button will allow users to scroll back to unread messages in which you were mentioned. WhatsApp beta users on Android received the quick toggle for voice to video calls last month.

The v2.18.22 update of WhatsApp for iPhone is listed on the App Store, and the changelog states, “You can now easily switch between voice and video calls. Just tap the video button while you’re on a call. You’ll now see the ‘@’ button in group chats. Tap on it to quickly scroll to unread messages where you were replied to or mentioned.” The features are rolling out slowly, it appears, as we weren’t able to see them despite being the latest version of the app. We’ve reached out to WhatsApp for clarification.

whatsapp ios features WhatsApp iOS Voice to Video Call Features

Prior to this update, users had to disconnect a voice call in order to place a video call with the same contact. A new button will now allow switching from voice to video by tapping it. A request will be sent to the recipient which, if accepted, will convert the voice call into a video call.

For the video call switch feature to work, both parties on the call need to be on the latest version of WhatsApp. Those requesting a video call switch will be informed if the recipient doesn’t have the feature enabled.

Another feature, mentioned in the changelog, adds a the @ button shortcut in group chats to quickly sort through unread chats in which you have been tagged. It is currently not clear how this feature works.

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